MAPLETON — A 2 1/2-year-old boy was taken to Primary Children's Medical Center earlier today after he lost several toes and part of his heal in a lawn mower accident.

The accident is still under investigation, but it appears the child was injured when a riding lawn mower ran over him near 800 West and 1600 South around noon, said Mapleton Police Chief Dean Pettersson. He did not say who was driving the mower at the time of the incident.

The boy lost his big and little toes and a portion of his heel, said the child's aunt, Marci Giles.

A medical helicopter transported the boy to Primary Children's Medial Center, where doctors were performing a clean-out surgery to get dirt, grass and debris out of the wounds, Giles said. He is expected to undergo another three or four surgeries in the next few days, she added, then he'll receive reconstructive surgery.

Giles said the family is appreciative of the love and support people have shown them.