I was surprised on Friday morning to see that the front page of the sports pages contained no coverage of the women's individual all-around gymnastics competition. I figured that since the competition was shown so late on Thursday night, there hadn't been time to get an article in the layout. I looked forward to reading about Nastia Liukin's gold-medal triumph and Shawn Johnson's second-place finish on Saturday.

I was extremely disappointed to find no such article in Saturday's paper. I finally found what I couldn't believe I had to look for on page D4 of Thursday's paper. A tiny article with no pictures doesn't do these two amazing athletes justice. Even China's Yang Yilin, who won the bronze medal behind Liukin and Johnson, got more coverage than our two Americans with a front-page story (including pictures) in Saturday's paper. America's first 1-2 finish in this competition deserves better than this.

Michonn Bell