In response to Robert Kimball Shinkoskey's remarks in regard to violence (Readers' Forum, Aug. 16): "Our law enforcement and soldiers glory in (violence)."

As a currently deployed serviceman, I can say that in no way do I glory in violence. I greatly respect this nation's freedoms and protecting citizens' rights to their opinions regarding the current wars — in support and against. I greatly respect that American citizens continue to know to separate the soldier from the war, and to not harbor blame against the individual for the war that the nation has called the servicepeople of the United States to fight (let us not forget Vietnam vets and the blame the public placed on them).

Shinkoskey's remark and blanket statement regarding soldiers deeply offends me and is the first noticeable sign that I have seen of anyone blaming the "troops" for violence. Although many of his remarks regarding violence and how our culture embraces it are true, please do not lump soldiers into that mix. I wouldn't presume to stereotype his beliefs based on merely his job title or societal status.

Staff Sgt. Jason Fraughton

North Salt Lake