Crews replacing bridges on eastbound I-80 in Parley's Canyon completed work eight hours faster than anticipated and the highway reopened this morning at 11:00.

Utah Department of Transportation spokesman Adan Carrillo said last weekend's work was a perfect practice run for expediting the bridge replacements conducted last night at Mountain Dell and Lamb's Canyon.

"We were able to apply lessons learned last week and fast-track part of the process this weekend," Carrillo said.

No further closure will be required on I-80 in that area, Carrillo said, but I-215 is slated for a closure next weekend for another bridge replacement at 3300 South. Carrillo said the exact hours of closure have not been set, but aniticipated that the closure will commence Friday evening and run through early Monday morning.

The Mountain Dell and Lamb's Canyon bridge upgrades are the latest in a series of I-80 bridge projects that have utilized accelerated bridge replacement technology. The technique, which involves pre-building the bridge decks and moving them into place with remote control transport units, greatly reduces the closure time for the work.