Question: The paint on my wrought-iron breakfast set (table and four chairs) has lasted 25 years but now needs a new paint job. I can't find a man who can do it. Who would do such a job? — Left Bereft

Answer: Never fear, a painter or handyman can do it. When you find one, suggest he use a paint specifically for wrought iron: Krylon's Contractor Wrought Iron Paint; no primer needed. Although if the set is showing rust it must be sanded off, or if it cannot be sanded, coat it with Rust Reformer, which will turn the rust black and make it paintable.

Question: My storm windows are pretty good, but some of the handles, especially on the screens, have broken off. Can I buy and install new handles? Also, what is the absolute minimum time that I should oil my wood gutters? — Ann Roman, Needham

Answer: Some hardware stores carry spare parts for storms and screens, but even if you find the proper type to fit your windows, taking out the old handle and putting in the new is rather complicated and you may have to take the frame apart, so I say the heck with it. Since the screwdriver works, keep using it.

As for oiling wood gutters, it is suggested that they be oiled twice a year. An absolute minimum is once a year, usually in early fall, so the gutters will be ready for winter.