EDMOND, Okla. — After shying away from helping fund a Moses statue, Edmond city leaders now are taking a wait-and-see approach on helping pay for a sculpture of Jesus Christ.

The Edmond Visual Arts Commission decided to delay a decision on a businesswoman's request for taxpayer money to pay for half of the $7,800 sculpture. Commissioners deferred a decision for two months to wait for guidelines to be drawn up on acceptable public art.

Karen Morton said she wants a statue in front of her downtown Edmond store. The proposed sculpture is of Jesus Christ surrounded by three children. Morton was disappointed with the commission's decision.

"I wish they would look at it and treat it like other pieces of art," she said. "We have a big, fat frog in front of the city building. Not all of them are everyone's taste."

The commission gets $200,000 annually from the city to fund half the cost of approved pieces of public art.

In December, the Edmond commission considered joining with First Christian Church of Edmond to purchase a statue titled "Moses," to be installed at the church. If approved, the church and the city government commission would have each paid $8,750.

After public outcry over preserving separation of church and state, the commission unanimously agreed in May to let private donors buy the city's stake in the Moses statue.