A registered sex offender, well-known to law enforcers and his neighbors as "Diaper Boy" because of the undergarments he wears, was arrested Thursday after allegedly exposing his diaper to children.

Barton Jason Lewis Bagnes, 31, was arrested for investigation of three counts of lewdness involving a child.

This came just one week after Bagnes was charged in 3rd District Court with 11 misdemeanor counts of lewdness involving a child. Although the charges were filed Aug. 8, that alleged incident happened in October 2007.

The sheriff's office is frustrated with the time it took for charges from the 2007 incident, noting that if the case had been filed earlier, it may have prevented the latest allegations.

"Our concern is his behavior could escalate. We're concerned that he needs some significant amount of time behind bars and possibly some treatment program to prevent this behavior. But if nothing else, it will keep him away from children," said Salt Lake County Sheriff's Lt. Paul Jaroscak.

In Thursday's incident, Salt Lake County Sheriff's deputies received a call of an adult "exposing his diaper" to children at East Millcreek Recreation Center, 2230 E. Evergreen Ave. (3435 South).

Three children said they saw Bagnes push some of the other children out of the way to get a drink from the drinking fountain. While he was drinking, he pulled up his shirt and partially pulled down his pants to expose his diaper, according to a Salt Lake County Jail report.

Jaroscak said the 5-foot-3, 100-pound Bagnes often wears children's diapers.

Thursday, children reported seeing a picture of "Elmo" on the diapers, according to the jail report.

At least one of the boys was 6 years old, according to the report. Other than the initial shove, none of the children were touched by Bagnes, according to officials.

Bagnes was convicted in 2000 of lewdness involving a child. On the registry, one of his listed aliases is "Boy Diaper."

Jaroscak said the incident is not the same as a teenager in the mall who has his pants so low that his boxer shorts are showing. In Bagnes' case, he allegedly asks the children if they'd like to see his diaper and shows it whether they do or not, he said.

"This disturbing behavior continues and continues, and the victim count goes up by the year," Jaroscak said. "I don't think there is anybody who thinks this is acceptable, especially in front of children."

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