Hal Moon's letter was interesting to say the least (Readers' Forum, Aug. 15). I don't drink, but I take issue with our liquor laws in LDS Utah. I am also LDS but come from Idaho and have been ridiculed by people born in Utah for coming from a hick state. Please allow me to elaborate on the differences.

Idaho has had liquor by the drink before it was a state and has not put laws in place to charge a "membership fee" to allow you to go to a limited number of establishments who sell alcohol. The DUI situation is no more per capita than what Utah already experiences. Drinkers on the whole are responsible people. A minority are the problem and always will be.

What right do we have to tell others they have to believe what we believe? We need to be more hospitable to those who are not LDS and not from our state.

Kim Hanson

South Jordan