SANDY — A recommendation plan from the mayors in Jordan School District calls for the west side of the district to give $33 million to the east side to resolve disagreements over the district splitting its assets and liabilities.

The $33 million would be paid over a 15-year period with no interest, beginning with the budget year 2009-10, according to the proposal.

The plan also states the east side will continue to be responsible for payment of its share of the $281 million in bond funding approved by voters in 2003.

The proposal further calls for property on each side of the east and west boundaries to remain on its current side.

In November, east-side residents voted to leave Jordan district and form their own school district. Since then, the east and west sides of the district have not been able to agree on how to split assets and liabilities.

The east side contends it is suffering from declining enrollment and aging school buildings. The west side says it is worried about predicted rapid enrollment growth and the lack of school buildings to house the student influx.

The west-side mayors are offering their proposal to keep both sides out of arbitration.

South Jordan Mayor Kent Money says he worries the arbitrators won't understand all aspects of the district split issue and wouldn't take everything into consideration, including the fact the west side is predicted to grow by 13,000 students over the next five years.

"Will the arbitrator look at all the facts?" Money asked members of the west-side transition team as he presented the mayors' proposal during a meeting at Jordan District offices this morning.

By law, the transition teams must each choose an arbitrator by Sept. 1. There is still leeway, however, for the two teams to come up with a plan and use it even after arbitrators have been selected.

West transition team chairman Ralph Haws accepted the report and said the team would take it under consideration.

The east-side mayors plan to present the same plan at 2 p.m. today in a meeting with the east-side transition team at Sandy City Hall.