Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. wants to be sure his 10-point economic-development plan still has the right points.

His plan, unveiled soon after he became governor, might be tweaked after he receives input from several sources, including Utah's businesspeople. A survey is being distributed electronically throughout the business community to get feedback about the plan.

Derek Miller, director of business recruitment and incentives at the Governor's Office of Economic Development, briefed the GOED board Thursday about the survey.

"The governor has expressed interest in taking a fresh look at the 10-point economic-development plan that's been in effect over the last 3 1/2 years and is interested in seeking feedback from critical business partners — those in the industry that really have their feet on the pavement of the economy — to make sure that we are staying focused as a state and GOED particularly on the issues that are most critical to helping the economy in Utah remain strong and increase our vitality as much as we can," Miller said.

GOED has distributed the survey to business leaders and industry associations and encouraged them to forward it to others. The survey also is expected to be linked from business information Web site

GOED has set an Aug. 29 deadline for responses to the survey. Participants are being asked to rate the importance of several issues to the state's economic vitality, to list three initiatives that can help their industry grow in Utah and to list three initiatives that can accelerate Utah's economic vitality.

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