Title: Black and White and Dead All Over

Author: by John Darnton

Publisher: Knopf

Pages: 357

Price: $24.95

In a nutshell: No one liked Theodore Ratnoff, an editor at the New York Globe. He was considered a petty tyrant by staff members, yet it was still shocking to see his bloodied body in the newsroom and realize that the press probably killed one of its own.

Jude Hurley, 35, is assigned to write the story while nervous executives worry themselves sick over his potential ledes — have to protect the company.

As Hurley and his opposite in the NYPD, Detective Priscilla Bollingsworth, start considering a vast array of suspects, everyone is nervous. Could this murder have been inspired by layoffs and buyouts? The fear that the golden age of newspapers was over? This is a delicious look at crime in the newsroom at a time when newsrooms all over the country are in crisis.