FORT DE BREGANCON, France — Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice issued another urgent call on Russia to honor a cease-fire with Georgia as she was bringing the formal agreement to Tblisi to have it signed Friday by the Georgian president.

French President Nicholas Sarkozy said the documents are "intended to consolidate the cease-fire."

"On the ground, it is improving," said Sarkozy, who has been leading Western diplomatic efforts to end the near week-long conflict between Russia and Georgia over two breakaway provinces. "If tomorrow, President (Mikhail) Saakashvili signs these documents, then the withdrawal of the Russian troops can start."

Rice, in Europe as part of an emergency diplomatic mission, met Thursday with Sarkozy at his palace in Fort De Bregancon, the day before she heads to the Georgian capital.

"The United States of America stands strongly, as the president of France just said, for the territorial integrity of Georgia," Rice said. "This is a member state of the United Nations and its internationally recognized borders need to be respected."

Rice said "It is time for this crisis to be over."

"The provisional cease-fire must go into place," she said, adding that the Russian president has said that Moscow would honor the cease-fire. Rice said that Russian military actions on the ground indicate the country hasn't respected the truce.

"We would hope that he would be true to his word," Rice said.

"The provisional cease-fire that was agreed to really must go into place," she added. "And that means that military activities have to cease."