MURRAY — A woman was taken to the hospital in fair condition this morning after her head was hit by a TRAX train.

About 7:20 a.m., a woman, who is 7-months pregnant and was wearing headphones, was standing at the TRAX station at 5400 South. She bent down to tie her shoe, but in doing so, stuck her head beyond the painted yellow line on the platform that warns passengers to stay back, said UTA spokeswoman Carrie Bohnsack-Ware.

The operator of a southbound TRAX train that was approaching the platform saw the woman's head in his lane of travel and blew the horn, but the woman didn't hear him, and he couldn't stop in time, said Bohnsack-Ware.

The train bumped the woman on the head, knocking her over. But the train was going slow enough that it did not break her skin or knock her out.

The woman was taken to a local hospital in fair condition. The incident is a good reminder, Bohnsack-Ware said, of why people need to stay behind the yellow safety line at all times.