Officials have dropped campfire restrictions throughout Utah.

Officials with the federal, state and tribal agencies that govern fire use say recent rainfall and expected monsoonal moisture have reduced the threat of wild fires.

While the risk is lower, officials are urging caution. The potential for wildfire was underscored by a 2-acre fire that broke out Sunday in the remote Kolob Canyons area of Zion National Park.

Wildfires resulting from escaped campfires represent 13 percent of the acres burned so far this year — triple the rate for the 2007 fire season.

The restrictions also were lifted on BLM lands in the Arizona Strip.

Fire restrictions may vary at state parks and incorporated areas of Utah.

Zion National Park said the Spring Creek fire will put up smoke for a week or more until it burns itself out. The smoke was visible from the I-15 corridor around Kanarravile and New Harmony.

No areas of Zion National Park were closed because of the wildfire.