Mahmoud Tawil, Associated Press
A Lebanese woman reacts at Tripoli bombing scene Wednesday.

Lebanon: Bombing kills 18

TRIPOLI — A roadside bomb packed with nuts and bolts exploded near a bus in this northern city Wednesday, killing 18 soldiers and civilians in Lebanon's deadliest bombing in more than three years.

Many suspected the attack was staged by an al-Qaida-inspired group to avenge a 2007 military offensive. Some questioned whether it was an attempt to disrupt a trip by Lebanese President Michel Suleiman to Syria later in the day to patch up relations between the neighboring nations.

That visit brought a key agreement for the two countries to establish full diplomatic relations for the first time, a move that could ease tensions that have fueled Lebanon's turmoil.

Afghanistan: Aid workers killed

PUL-E-ALAM — Taliban fighters with assault rifles shredded a U.S. aid group's SUV with dozens of bullets Wednesday, killing three Western women and their Afghan driver amid an escalating militant onslaught against humanitarian workers in Afghanistan.

The ambush of two clearly marked aid vehicles on the main road south of Kabul was the latest in a record number of attacks on aid groups this year — a surge that has workers questioning if they can safely provide services in remote and dangerous areas where help is most needed.

Bolivia: Talks with Morales

LA PAZ — Bolivian opposition governors accepted an olive branch offered by President Evo Morales after a bitter nationwide recall election, saying Wednesday they will meet him for talks on solving the country's political crisis.

After meeting among themselves in the eastern city of Santa Cruz, Leopoldo Fernandez, governor of Pando department, announced that the five leaders will travel to the capital of La Paz for negotiations.

Canada: G.I. to be deported

TORONTO — A U.S. Army specialist who fled Fort Bragg for Canada after learning his unit was to be deployed to Iraq was ordered deported Wednesday.

Jeremy Hinzman, 29, is likely to be court-martialed when he returns to the United States and could face up to five years in prison. Hinzman said Canada's Border Services Agency ordered him to leave the country by Sept. 23 and he would be handed over to U.S. authorities.

India: 20 die in collapse

MUMBAI — A five-story building in a crowded residential neighborhood of India's main financial city collapsed Wednesday after monsoon rains, killing at least 20 people.

Rescue workers struggled through narrow lanes and torrential rain to reach the dilapidated building, reduced to mounds of concrete beams and smashed wooden furniture, police and firefighters said.

Mexico: Iselle forms in Pacific

MEXICO CITY — Forecasters say Tropical Storm Iselle has formed off Mexico's southern Pacific coast.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami says Iselle formed on Wednesday about 230 miles southwest of the port city of Manzanillo, and is expected to move roughly westward and out to sea.

Pakistan: Missile kills 9

DERA ISMAIL KHAN — A missile strike in a Pakistani tribal region killed at least nine suspected insurgents including foreigners, officials said Wednesday, raising suspicion that the U.S. was again targeting militants in Pakistan.

A spokesman for the U.S. military denied it was behind the four missiles that struck the compound late Tuesday in a remote and mountainous area near Angore Adda in South Waziristan. However, past strikes are believed to have been conducted by the CIA using Predator drones.