Tyler Morgan

OREM — An 11-year-old Orem boy who was badly burned when a toilet-paper prank went wrong has been stabilized but is still in critical condition.

Tyler Morgan has second- and third-degree burns over 25 percent of his body after his friends wrapped him in toilet paper like a mummy, then accidentally set the paper on fire.

A group of boys, ages 8 to 11, were playing at a park behind Suncrest Elementary School near 668 W. 150 North in Orem Monday evening and decided to wrap Morgan up as a joke, said Orem Police Capt. Ned Jackson.

The group then made a wrestling ring around Morgan, and one boy began playing with a lighter and lit the toilet paper off to the side.

The boys didn't realize how quickly the fire would spread and began rushing to put it out, Jackson said. As they worked, flames flew onto Morgan, who was quickly engulfed.

The kids tried to dump water on him while others ran to get his parents.

He was taken to nearby Orem Community Hospital, then flown to University Hospital to be treated for severe burns on his upper arms, neck and face.

Morgan is a good friend of 11-year-old Bridger Hunt, who is also in the hospital for serious injuries, which came from the explosion of a neighbor's homemade fireworks. Hunt was riding his bike in his grandfather's Lehi neighborhood on July 24 when the fireworks exploded, sending metal shrapnel into Bridger's side and leg, nearly severing the leg.

Hunt has been in the hospital since then, in and out of medical comas to keep him from flailing and injuring the wound.