PROVO — Anticipating more development requests in the county, Utah County commissioners tabled a request from developer Cole Cannon for an initial 650-lot community near West Mountain on Tuesday.

Before moving ahead, the county should first revamp its general plan and ordinances to provide for development agreements, Chairman Larry Ellertson said. Without such agreements the county could be left holding the bag if a developer started a project, then abandoned it, Commissioner Steve White said.

"I like this project," White said of the potential 400-acre, 12-year build-out of hundreds of homes, but added that the county has no control over a developer after a zone change is granted. The county's five-acre rural residential zone allows for planned unit developments within it.

Other projects will likely follow this one, so the county should prepare for more growth first, White said.

"We need to do work on a broader scale," Ellertson said, suggesting that the entire scope of development in the county be reviewed.

However, Tracy Cannon, Cole Cannon's mother and a developer in Wasatch County, cautioned that the commissioners not be premature in creating development agreements so that all the details be included.

Cole Cannon's project would be self-sustaining and include a million-gallon water tank estimated at $3 million and a $2.5 million sewer system. A governmental entity would need to be set up to operate the sewer system, White said. County ordinances already require fire hydrants, but an agreement would need to be forged for firefighters to protect the area.

Residents Jeremy and Tara Joyner, neighbors to the project, expressed concern whether enough water would be available to sustain the new community and still meet the needs of farmers in the area. They also asked that officials deal with the stretch of state Route 68 to the site to make sure it can safely handle increased traffic.

The Planning Commission earlier turned down the project, leading to Cole Cannon's appeal to the commissioners.He told the Deseret News that he resolved the issues that led to the Planning Commission's rejection. In other action, the commissioners:

• Approved the purchase of a mobile command truck for all Utah County police jurisdictions. The truck will have five dispatch stations, computers, conference center and satellite equipment. Total cost is $311,250 with delivery expected just before Christmas.

• Approved an agreement for the health department through the county division of substance abuse to teach parents and children about drug addiction prevention. Utah Youth Village and the Families First Program is also involved.

• Agreed to stock sport fish in a community fishery at a Vivian Park pond.

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