OREM — An 11-year-old boy is in critical condition at University Hospital after sustaining burns over 25 percent of his body due to a toilet-paper-fueled fire.

Around 5 p.m. Monday, Tyler Morgan and a group of five or six friends, ages 8 to 11, were playing at a park behind Suncrest Elementary School in Orem, near 668 W. 150 North.

The boys wrapped Morgan, a willing participant, to a pole with toilet paper, making him look like a mummy, said Orem Police Capt. Ned Jackson.

The group of boys then made a "wrestling ring" around the boy using four poles and more toilet paper.

One young man lit a piece of toilet paper on fire, which then spread to the wrestling ring, which the boys didn't realize would burn so fast or so hot, Jackson said.

Panicking, the boys tried to stomp out the flames, which only made things worse as the fire spread to Morgan, who was wrapped in the paper.

Morgan was badly burned before the fire could be put out, and several of the boys' friends ran to Morgan's nearby house to get his dad.

"There's no indication it was anything intentional or malicious," Jackson said. "(Just boys) playing around."

Morgan's father rushed him to Orem Community Hospital, Jackson said. However, once there, doctors realized the injury was severe enough to merit being flown to University Hospital by medical helicopter.