SOUTH JORDAN — Police found themselves in hot pursuit of a suspect that was literally on the hoof — a wayward bull.

About 8 p.m. Thursday, officers were called to help corral a bull that had gotten loose and was running around high-traffic areas near 11400 South and 11800 South.

"He went from South Jordan into Riverton, back and forth," said South Jordan Police Chief Lindsay Shepherd.

The runaway bull, at one point, went through the busy intersection at 11400 South and 2700 West.

Later, six patrol cars boxed-in the bull, but it was able to get loose again. The bull's run came to an end about 20 minutes later when it was pinned a second time near 2500 West and 11400 South. But he still had an escape route. "He jumped the fence into a field of heifers." Shepherd said.

Because it was getting dark and the officers didn't want to risk their safety, the police left the bull in the fenced field.