An identity-theft ring "kingpin," Justine Coppolino, will now reside for almost six years in federal prison.

She was recently sentenced for her part in a counterfeit ring that stole more than $50,000 using a computer, scanner and check-writing software to create bogus checks. The checks were cashed at various places, using the signatures of prominent prosecutors scanned from charging documents and transferred to the checks. Because she used a computer, the penalty was enhanced.

Before sentencing, Coppolino said she regrets her actions and apologized.

"I just got caught up in things," she said.

She said if she could turn back time she would do things differently.

In addition to her prison time, Coppolino was ordered to pay restitution of more than $51,000 when she gets out, a $300 special assessment fee to be paid now, 36 months of supervision after her release, and she must not own any computer equipment. He also ordered drug treatment.