Unified Fire Authority spokesman Ben Sharer said two children in a Kearns home heard what they thought was "rain" coming down late Sunday morning while their parents were out on a walk and went outside to find the outside deck of their house engulfed in flame. A 16-year-old boy went back inside to grab another sibling as his 8-year-old brother called for help.

Sharer said all three children safely escaped the home at 5477 S. Nez Perce Dr. and two UFA battalions squelched the blaze in about 25 minutes, but not before it burned into the attic, kitchen and a bathroom of the home, causing about $100,000 in damage.

Sharer said investigators where searching for clues Sunday afternoon as to the cause of the fire, which began in a backyard shed, but suspected heavy damage may have completely erased any evidence indicating how the fire started.

None of the children, nor any of the approximately 30 UFA firefighters who responded to the blaze, were injured.