HOUSTON (AP) — A City Council member is accused of interfering with police officers conducting an arrest last week outside a gas station, according to a police report obtained by the Houston Chronicle.

Councilwoman Jolanda Jones said Friday that officers rebuffed her when she tried to question them after the arrest of a 25-year-old man. Police said later he was wanted on an outstanding warrant for marijuana possession.

The Harris County prosecutor's office did not say whether Jones was being investigated in connection with the confrontation.

The officers' report said Jones arrived at the gas station at the time of the arrest. Jones, described by the officers as "irate, angry and hostile," began questioning police tactics. The report said she "threatened the officers with lawsuits."

Jones, a criminal defense attorney and a former contestant on the CBS reality show "Survivor," said: "That's a lie. I never threatened anybody with lawsuits. I saw what I believed to be a civil rights violation."