Leaders of the east and west Jordan School District transition teams are slated to hash out issues in a TV appearance this weekend as they wait for mayors to announce a plan to help the district split its assets and liabilities.

West transition team chairman Ralph Haws and east transition team chairman Steve Newton are scheduled to be on KUTV Channel 2's "Take 2" live program with talk-show host Rod Decker at 10 a.m. Sunday.

Meanwhile, Cottonwood Heights Mayor Kelvyn Cullimore, representing the east-side mayors, said the mayors hope to deliver their plan in an open meeting format and receive feedback from the transition teams next week.

The mayors want to be fair and give their proposal to the east and west transition teams on the same day. Getting all groups together is tough, Cullimore said.

"We'd like to sit down and talk about it," he said. "We hope they will accept it."

Last November, east-side residents voted to leave Jordan district and form their own school district. Since then, the two sides of the district have not been able to agree on how to split assets and liabilities.

By law, the transition teams must each choose an arbitrator by Sept. 1 if no resolution has been reached. There is still leeway, however, for the two teams to come up with a plan and use it even after arbitrators have been selected.

"We want to contribute to the solution," Cullimore said. "If arbitration can be avoided, that's in everyone's best interest."

The east transition team has scheduled a closed meeting for Monday. According to the agenda, it is a "strategy session to discuss reasonably imminent litigation."

Newton was not available for comment Friday.

The west transition team has meetings slated for Wednesday and Friday.

Wednesday the team plans to review an update of Jordan district's revenue estimates "in preparation for receiving the recommendation from the mayors," Haws said.

Friday's meeting is potentially set for talking with the mayors, Haws said.