Question: With the recent death of Tim Russert, I was wondering who the other hosts of "Meet the Press" have been.

Answer: In order of appearance, we have Martha Rountree (1947-53), Ned Brooks (1953-65), Lawrence E. Spivak (1966-75), Bill Monroe (1975-84), Roger Mudd and Marvin Kalb (1984-85), Marvin Kalb (1985-87), Chris Wallace (1987-88), Garrick Utley (1989-91) and Tim Russert (1991-2008). Tom Brokaw will be moderating the show until after the November presidential election.

Question: Wasn't Bill Bellamy of "Last Comic Standing" once on some cop show that had to do with car chases? I think it was on Fox.

Answer: You're thinking of "Fastlane," which ran on Fox in 2002-03. It was about undercover cops Van Ray (Peter Facinelli) and Deaqon "Deac" Hayes (Bellamy), who hung out with drug dealers and therefore had to drive cool, fast cars. Their superior officer was Billie Chambers (Tiffani Thiessen) because otherwise there would be no woman on the show.

Question: I remember a TV show in the early 1980s about a group of cowboys in the old West who somehow wound up in modern times in a big city. They had to adapt to the new way of life. Can you tell me the name and how long it was on TV?

Answer: That was "Outlaws," which ran on CBS in 1986-87. The hombres zapped from 1886 to 1986 were John Grail (Rod Taylor), Harland Pike (William Lucking), "Ice" McAdams (Richard Roundtree), Wolf Lucas (Charles Napier) and Billy Pike (Patrick Houser).

Once they arrived in the 1980s and got used to things like indoor plumbing and Michael Jackson, they became, of course, private detectives. Christine Belford played Lt. Maggie Randall, their police contact.

Question: About 20 years ago there was a program with Cheryl Ladd as a medical examiner in Hawaii. Can you tell me the title and if it's on DVD?

Answer: That was "One West Waikiki," a syndicated series that was produced from 1994 until 1996. Ladd played medical examiner Dawn "Holli" Holliday (puh-leeze), who teamed with police detective Mack Wolfe (Richard Burgi) to solve Hawaiian crimes.

"One West Waikiki" is on DVD.

Question: Who does the singing in the 7-Up commercial with the lyrics about sunshine? I think it is David Cassidy. Can you help me?

Answer: It is indeed David Cassidy from his days with "The Partridge Family." The song is called "Sunshine."

Question: We are having a disagreement about the name of Ricky Ricardo's nightclub on "I Love Lucy." Help!

Answer: Originally it was the Tropicana, but later in the series Ricky opened his own place — Club Babalu.