Some Deseret News readers seem to be under a mistaken impression that a bad or even lukewarm review impugns the good name of their local artists, whom they know and love, and by giving a bad review, the reviewer fails to "appreciate art." That is very far from the truth.

The Deseret News reviewers see all the shows, regardless of the quality. I'm sure they appreciate, more than most, the difference between a competent, professional performance and a merely adequate one.

Whatever his artistic discipline, the worst enemy to the progress of any artist is a well-meaning friend who can only say good things about his work. Constructive criticism from a knowledgeable third party can be helpful if the artist is ready to hear it. Any artist worth his salt can withstand a little criticism and come out the better for it.

I, for one, am thankful for Deseret News reviewers who tell it like it is. The reviewer who sees a performance's flaws would be lying to us if he didn't tell us about it.

Jennifer Broschinsky