Juab's Mike Bowring is a seasoned coach in his fifth year with the Wasps and he coached seven years previously at Monticello. His track record speaks for itself making the quarterfinals last year, the finals the year before and the semifinals the previous two years before that.

So when he says: "Our goal is to win it all, " one sits up and listens even though many a coach has repeated that mantra. But Bowring adds for emphasis: "We better get back there."

One key player in Bowring's stable is Cody Keisel, a senior fullback/middle line backer who has been working out in the weight room relentlessly. "He is a horse," said Bowring, "He is really strong."

He was the team's defensive leader last year and Bowring remarked, "We're looking for good things out of him this year." (On both sides of the ball.)

Senior slot back, Kyler Jones, both runs and catches the ball and doubles as a defensive back as well. "He is our speed," said Bowring, "We will try to get him open."

The Wasp offense features a balanced attack running and passing on a 50-50 basis. Three senior lineman are set to win the battle in the trenches: Jameson Izatt, Jordan Bainter and Denton Larsen. "This is one of the better lines that we've had," said Bowring. He wasn't going to give away any of his philosophy when he said, "Sometimes we play smash mouth and sometimes we mix in play action."

Packing the pigskin for the Wasps will be Derrik Jacobsen at running back. "He has good vision when he runs," said Bowring. He plays at linebacker on the other side of the ball where Bowring said, "He is a hard nosed kid. He hits hard."

Two players are competing for the quarterback position and Bowring didn't want to name them right away.

He concluded, "This group of kids has worked real hard we hope to have it translate to the field."


COACH: Mike Bowring is very optimistic about this season. This is his fifth year as Juab's head coach and 12th overall.

KEY PLAYERS: Linemen Jameson Izatt, Jordan Bainter and Denton Larsen. LB/FB Cody Keisel.

QUESTION MARKS: With a new quarterback in place, it may take some time for him to figure things out.

LAST YEAR: 6-5, lost in quarterfinals.

PREDICTED 2A NORTH FINISH: Tied for first with Manti and North Summit.

POSTSEASON POSSIBILITIES: The Wasps will surely make the playoffs, but how far they go is sometimes a matter of breaks.


Aug 22 — MORGAN, 7 p.m.

Aug 29 — at Richfield, 7 p.m.

Sep 5 — NORTH SEVIER, 7 p.m.

Sep 12 — at North Sanpete, 7 p.m.

Sep 19 — SOUTH SUMMIT, 7 p.m.

Sep 26 — ALA, 7 p.m.

Oct 3 — MANTI, 7 p.m.

Oct 10 — at Gunnison, 7 p.m.

Oct 15 — at North Summit, 7 p.m.

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