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Traci Sorenson

PROVO — A woman who allegedly failed to call 911 when her daughter fatally overdosed has pleaded not guilty to reduced charges.

Traci Sorenson, 45, was charged with manslaughter after her 26-year-old daughter, Kaydie, died May 4, 2007, from a drug overdose of nearly 90 OxyCodone and Alprazolam pills.

Police say Sorenson arrived at her Pleasant Grove home that evening to find her daughter unresponsive and unconscious, knowing that she had filled a prescription that morning, which was empty when she was found.

Sorenson moved her daughter several times and tried to wake her up, then she went to sleep. By the morning, her daughter had died.

Prosecutor Donna Kelly agreed Thursday to amend the charges from second-degree felony manslaughter to a class A misdemeanor of aggravated abuse, neglect or exploitation of a vulnerable adult, to which Sorenson pleaded not guilty.

"The evidence is more appropriate with a lower charge," Kelly said. "I thought it was an appropriate reflection of what went on."

Kelly described the scene that May morning as pretty chaotic, and thus police were not able to immediately identify everyone at the house. They have since, and Kelly said she wants to talk with each witness personally.

In the meantime, defense attorney Randy Spencer told the judge he would be filing a "bill of particulars," meaning he's asking for the state to write down their version of the alleged crime.

"It is solely for the defendant to be apprised on what facts the state is relying on to support the charges," Spencer said. "It just allows us the opportunity to prepare."

Misdemeanor charges don't go to a preliminary hearing, so this "bill" is essentially a preliminary, or evidentiary, hearing on paper, Kelly said.

Spencer said he doesn't believe there's enough information to convict his client, and if the bill wasn't sufficient enough, he said he could file a motion, asking the court to dismiss the case.

Sorenson will be in court again Sept. 4 at 1:30 p.m.

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