Leaders of a group of gay and lesbian Mormons announced Wednesday that they will hold a press conference Monday morning in Salt Lake City, the day LDS Church leaders had agreed to meet with them until the scheduled meeting was postponed indefinitely by the church last month.

An Affirmation press release said the group will hold a press conference at 10 a.m. Monday at the Utah Pride Center.

"Affirmation's executive committee and other leaders will be presenting the proposals that they would have been making to church leaders had the LDS Church not have (sic) pulled out of the meeting at the last minute."

The Affirmation representatives will be in town this weekend to participate in the annual Sunstone Symposium at the Sheraton Hotel, and they are scheduled to speak there Saturday afternoon about "the puzzles, trials and hopes associated with being young, gay and Mormon," whether the church is "redefining its stance on homosexuality," and whether there is "hope for a productive dialogue between Church leaders and Affirmation," according to Sunstone's description of the session.