Never mind the smoke, explosions, sirens or "other unusual activities" associated with exercises that will be taking place at Hill Air Force Base from now until about Aug. 16.

Hill will be trying to impress Air Force Materiel Command during a Logistics Standardization Evaluation Team inspection and a Unit Compliance Inspection. The last LSET check was 2006, and it was 2004 when Hill had its most recent UCI.

Inspectors will be grading Hill on activities such as maintenance, supply and transportation, and supply-chain management. The tests are designed to show a unit's ability to perform certain tasks during wartime or "contingency" mission.

Hill has suffered several embarrassing incidents over the past year, including one where a box of M-16s fell off the back of a Humvee on base and into the hands of someone who held on to the weapons for several days before anonymously returning them June 6. The person who picked up the weapons still has not been identified and may still face criminal charges.

Hill officials noted that media are banned from covering the inspections or interviewing any of the inspectors while they are at Hill.