Ogden Regional Medical Center:

ARNELL, Stacie and Erick, Ogden, girl, July 30

AZUETA, Citlali and Hector, Clinton, boy, July 28

BYRNE, JaNeane and TRUJILLO, Joshua, Ogden, July 24

CALL, Amy and Brody, Ogden, boy, July 28

CAMPBELL, Amber and David, Ogden, boy, July 24

COLEMAN, Morgan and PRICE, Joshua, South Ogden, girl, July 30

CORBIN, Susan and Chris, Clinton, boy, July 28

CROSBIE, Tammi and Aron, Grace, girl, July 25

DIAMOND, Vickie and Byron, Taylorsville, girl, July 25

DINGMAN, Tausha and Douglas, Ogden, boy, July 29

ERNST, Tina and JR, Layton, boy, July 24

EVERSOLE, Kristina and KEARL, Shane, Ogden, boy, July 23

GALLEGOS, Melissa and Orlando, Ogden, boy, July 30

HASTINGS, Breanne and Justin, Ogden, boy, July 29

LANGFORD, Christie and Shawn, Ogden, boy, July 25

LONG, Kristin and LANGNER, Ashton, Ogden, girl, July 31

LARSEN, Cortney and James, Syracuse, boy, July 22

JIMENEZ, Rosa and LAWSON, Lee, Ogden, boy, Aug. 1