1896 — Before the start of the first modern Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee sends an invitation to the Qing dynasty government; but the Qing government misses the chance because of troubles at home, aggression from abroad and an ignorance of what the Olympics were.

1922 — Wang Zengting is the first Chinese elected to the IOC.

1931 — The China Sport Promotion Committee is admitted into the IOC as a full member.

1932 — Liu Changchun becomes China's first Olympian, competing in track and field at the Los Angeles Games.

1952 — The People's Republic of China sends its first delegation.

1954 — With the IOC recognizing two Chinas, the People's Republic of China boycotts the Melbourne Olympics.

1958 — China breaks off all relations with the IOC.

1979 — China returns as the IOC restores its status and recognition.

1980 — China boycotts the Moscow Olympics because of the Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan.

1984 — China participates in its first Summer games since IOC restoration. Xu Haifeng wins China's first gold medal, in the men's free pistol shooting.

1991 — Beijing bids for the 2000 Olympics; Sydney wins the bid two years later.

1998 — Beijing announces its quest for the 2008 Olympics.

July 13, 2001 — The IOC announces Beijing has won the bid for the '08 Games.

Source: Qingdao Olympic Plaza