"Scripture Bugs," a new DVD release from Excel Entertainment, tells the biblical story of Moses and Aaron — with a little football, a lot of insects and some quirky humor thrown in.

Billed as a "3D animated musical adventure," the film was created, directed and composed by Aaron Edson, whose previous credits include "Liken the Scriptures." Edson's main character is Noah, an 8-year-old boy growing up in Hawaii whose imaginative world is occupied by six friends who also happen to be bugs.

Noah loves the sport of football, but is soon hit with the realization that his talent level doesn't quite match his enthusiasm. That's when the discouraged boy's father tries to encourage his son by telling him the story of Moses, a great prophet who was not without his own shortcomings. The subtitle of Scripture Bugs is "We're All Important: The Story of Moses and Aaron."

The story of Moses is re-created using Noah's six bug friends: Francis, a flea; Koa, a grasshopper; Lani, a ladybug; Trisha, a termite; Bella, a beetle; and Adam, an ant.

The production includes several original songs and a few noteworthy voices, including David Osmond (Moses) and Jessie Clark Funk (Bella).

Edson keeps the story lighthearted with some humorous elements. For example, Moses appears with a beard throughout his life — even when he's a baby being sent down the river. Pharaoh's court is also home to a bug boy band — called "The Back-Alley Bugs" — with the voices provided by LDS singing group Jericho Road.