Complications have developed for an 11-year-old boy injured by homemade fireworks.

Bridger Hunt's family said that as he came out of a drug-induced coma, he was so disoriented and in pain, "he was thrashing and endangering the reconstructive surgery and IVs to such an extent that doctors had to give him paralytic drugs to immobilize him."

"At this time, he cannot even blink his eyes to answer simple yes or no questions," his family wrote in an e-mail.

Hunt was seriously injured when he was riding his bicycle past a man lighting off homemade fireworks. Shrapnel from an explosion tore into the boy's body, nearly severing his leg and causing a number of other injuries.

Craig Miller, 45, the man who made the explosives, has been charged with possession of an explosive device, child abuse and obstruction of justice.

Hunt's family is urging prayers for the boy. A fundraiser will also be held on Thursday at Bonneville Park in Orem from 5 to 9 p.m.