So what it is about Mormons that usually attracts media attention? It's usually when we do something weird or illegal (or we get confused with people who do weird or illegal things) or when Mormons hit the court, gridiron, stage or write a good book.

This is my working hypothesis: when religious affiliation is known, journalists tend to mention that someone is Mormon in their reporting more than they label those of other faiths. For better or for worse, we as a "peculiar people" have our faith amplified while the media barely mentions the faith of others in similar reports.

Of course, Mormons usually don't mind if it is a positive story, but when it's negative we usually get our lather up. So are we treated fairly when the media chooses to identify religious affiliation of a story subject? Let me know what you think or send links to good and bad reporting about Mormons at [email protected] I'll summarize readers responses in a future column.

Here are some examples of how the media has reported on Mormons in the past few weeks.

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