If you pay people enough money to find a cure for cancer they will unconsciously never find it because such a discovery would put them out of work. It logically follows that such people who are paid to look for a cure will never recognize those who have found a cure. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been paid in Utah for scientists to find a cure for cancer, but the work is hardly known beyond the borders of our state. A recognized cure for cancer has not been found and possibly never will be for the above reasons.

How much more productive it would be to reward those who have made cancer research breakthroughs with a prize for cancer discovery (like the Nobel Prize) that everyone in the world would know about. Offering a few $1 million prizes for cancer discovery to deserving individuals each year would cost hundreds of millions of dollars less and yield better results

Three individuals most deserving of an award for cancer discovery are: John Gofman, Sydney Ross Singer and Tullio Simoncini. No one paid any of them to do their research.

Darrell Stoddard


Pain Research Institute