Mormon Times recently featured an article about the humorous things children have said about church-related subjects. Here are some more we received, including some sent by readers as comments to the original story.

A few years ago we had a nursery leader named Sister Varela. One little girl in the nursery called her "Cinderella." I guess that is how she heard it.

--Kim Forrester

Some years ago, my little sister came home from Primary singing a new song she was learning: "Sweet is the work, my gosh, my feet!" (Actually appropriate at times, I thought.)

Another story: My young daughter one time asked me if there weren't any "boy ancestors." When I told her that there were just as many of one as of the other, she asked, "Then why don't they call them 'uncle-brothers.'" I realized then that she had mis-understood and was saying "aunt-sisters.'"

--Sharon Proctor

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