Stephen Speckman, Deseret News
Wildfire above Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon, Utah, on Sunday.

A wildfire burning near Payson was completely contained Monday evening.

The U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management said Monday the 760-plus acre Spring Lake fire was fully contained by 6 p.m., after crews made significant progress in getting a line around it.

"They connected their fire lines and did cold trailing," said Loyal Clark with the Uinta National Forest. "That's where they walk around the fire line and go in about 150 feet and make sure it's cold to the touch."

Crews will begin demobilizing on Tuesday and Wednesday, she said.

The fire was sparked on Friday by a downed power line, and dozens of homes were evacuated as flames got dangerously close. A Boy Scout camp also was evacuated.

Crews today will begin going up to the scene of the fire to see how much damage was done to the mountainsides around Payson Canyon.

"It burned very hot," Clark said. "There is a potential when we get storms there could be debris flow and mud slides. We are looking at ways to mitigate it."

Meanwhile, an old fire has flared back up and is creating problems for firefighters. A blaze burning near Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon has started again. Three helicopters will be working today to extinguish it. It is not threatening anything, firefighters said.

However, the curious public is creating problems for fire crews on the Bridal Veil Falls fire. Firefighters have caught people sneaking onto a trail between Nunn's Park and Vivian Park where helicopters are picking up water from the Provo River.

"We continue to have people that are trying to get in there to watch what's going on. It's a safety hazard not only for them, but it's causing operational problems," Clark said.

The area is blocked off, but people walk past the gates and barricades. Clark said the problem is the helicopter rotors create noise against the canyon walls, dislodging rocks and boulders.

Elsewhere in the state, the Little Bald Mountain fire burning in Tooele County has scorched more than 513 acres, but it is about 62 percent contained.

"We still have Box Elder Canyon, South Willow Canyon and North Willow Canyon closed," said Kathy Jo Pollock with the U.S. Forest Service.

The fire has threatened campgrounds and about eight private homes at the mouths of the canyons. Fire crews have carved lines to protect the homes.

"We do have line on the east side of the fire. The fire is still two miles away from there," Pollock said.

Helicopters, engines and crews are out working the fire again today.

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