Salt Lake County leaders want to know if the public is interested in investing in more arts and cultural facilities.

A link to an online poll will be up on the county Web site until Aug. 20, and county leaders will use the results of the survey to determine whether any new facilities should be built, if any.

The survey comes in the middle of a war between Salt Lake City and Sandy leaders to build a Broadway-style theater in their respective communities.

The master plan will answer many of the questions surrounding where a new performing arts theater should be located. That study is expected to be complete in late September.

But the cultural facilities master plan won't only address big theaters, but other arts and culture facilities and events. The master plan will give county leaders a blueprint to both sustain the current facilities and build new ones in the county.

The survey is anonymous and does not require the public to input any personal information. It can be accessed at

Questions gauge the public's interest in cultural activities and facilities, with more detailed questions regarding music tastes and types of cultural festivals people like to go to.

The survey also asks, "As Salt Lake County officials distribute tax dollars, how important is it that they dedicate funding to support arts and cultural programs and facilities."