EVERETT, Wash. (AP) — A sports writer for The Herald of Everett was suspended for a column that included parts taken from a Rick Reilly column in Sports Illustrated.

The paper printed an apology to readers in Thursday's edition.

The Herald said parts of the June 3 column by John Sleeper, "Trust Me, Coaching Girls is a Whole New Ballgame," describing the travails of a girls' basketball coach, were taken from a 2002 piece in the magazine.

The Sports Illustrated column, "Out of Touch With My Feminine Side," was also printed in a book of Reilly's columns, "Hate Mail from Cheerleaders," which was published in 2007. Reilly no longer works for the magazine.

Sleeper was suspended pending a review. The paper said the deception violated journalistic standards and The Herald's commitment to maintaining community trust.