Thank you for Brad Rock's fine column on July 30, "Gator QB Made the Right Call." Rock's column will be required reading for my son, a two-sport high school athlete. It will also be sent to the athletic director of our high school. I applaud Tim Tebow's good judgment. As Mr. Rock pointed out, Tebow doesn't need any more publicity and doesn't care to be associated with Playboy in any way. Playboy executive Gary Cole's quotes in Rock's column show Cole's pathetic lack of understanding of Tebow's personal choice and of sports publicity in general. I am happy to have an athlete of Tebow's stature. High school athletes can look up to him because of his success on the field, his decisionmaking abilities and his strength of character. Sandy Koufax would be proud of him. Now, if the Detroit Lions could just draft him.

Vivian Harmer Ellsworth

Rochester Hills, Mich.