Chefs from the country of Azerbaijan will cook a "Meal Fit For a King" from a 12th century recipe on Tuesday, beginning at 10 a.m., at the Davis Applied Technology College, 530 E. 300 South in Kaysville.

The public is welcome to watch the cooking by the National Culinary Institute of Azerbaijan, as part of the Bountiful/Davis Summerfest International.

The meal will be served at the DATC at 6 p.m., with seating limited to 100 people. Tickets are available at the Bountiful/Davis Art Center for $10, at 292-0367.

The menu includes Sakh Plov, or rice pilaf, according to Larry Baird of the Bountiful/Davis Arts Center. The Center staff has been shopping for key ingredients, such as mutton fat, chestnuts and sultana raisins.

"We think we'll be able to find everything we need at the Asian markets," Baird said.

Azerbaijan, bordered by Iran and Armenia, was part of the Soviet Union from 1922-91. The National Culinary Institute of Azerbaijan is attempting to document and re-establish the country's traditional recipes that were lost during the Soviet period. In a press release, director Tahir Amiraslanov said that the Soviet government ran free cafeterias, so women no longer cooked at home. Russian dishes such as goulash and borscht replaced Azerbaijani cuisine.

The rice pilaf dish that the Institute's chefs will cook at the Summerfest event is a traditional dish that was almost forgotten. Rice, once a staple of Azerbaijani meals, was no longer produced locally during Soviet times. However, Amiraslanov said, today farmers are planting rice again.

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