A local nonprofit is offering monetary awards to a few faith communities who celebrate the Earth through words or music. Utah Interfaith Power and Light (Utah IPL) is offering up to $400 for sermons or music compositions that address climate change, stewardship of creation and/or sustainability. The award funds must be used by the faith community to purchase insulation, ceiling fans, energy efficient appliances, CFL's or other by making other environmentally friendly improvements.

The Aug. 15 date is a deadline extension for the contest, which has been under way since May. To be eligible for consideration, a faith community member must deliver a sermon or submit the musical composition by Aug. 15, 2008. Entries must be submitted in text form by August 15 to Utah Interfaith Power & Light, P.O. Box 112016, Salt Lake City, UT 84147-2016 or by e-mail at info@utahipl.org. Go to: www.utahipl.org for more details.