Bridger Hunt is still in serious condition at Primary Children's Medical Center. But the doctors say his condition is stable, according to spokeswoman Bonnie Midget.

Bridger, 11, of Orem, was riding his bike near his grandparents' Lehi home July 24 when he was struck by debris from homemade fireworks ignited 10 yards away. He was taken by air ambulance to the Salt Lake hospital, where doctors have been working to save first his life and now his leg.

An attempt to close fasciotomies in his lower legs failed Friday because the skin is still too tight, Midget said. Doctors cut through the fascia to keep tissue from strangling because of swelling. The cuts relieve the pressure until the swelling goes down enough to close them.

On Friday night Bridger's condition was described byk Midget as serious but stable.

Doctors have begun to wake Bridger from his medically induced coma so they can begin to gauge the damage to his nerves. The medications used to induce the coma take some time to exit the body, so he is still groggy, Midget said. As he ralllies, doctors are expecting to keep Bridger awake and alert.

Friends of the Hunt family are hosting a fund-raiser on Aug. 7, from 7-9 p.m to help assist the Hunts with Bridger's medical costs. The event will be held at Bonneville Park, 1450 N. 800 West in Orem where there will be a silent auction, food and carnival games.

For more information on the event, contact Debbie Richan at [email protected]. If people are planning to sponsor their own fundraisers, Richan asks that she be contacted for coordination purposes.