Salt Lake County authorities scrambled Friday to file criminal charges against a man mistakenly released from jail because of a paperwork error.

Jared Lance, 27, was released from jail July 23 after police failed to file paperwork to bring charges against him.

"It appears there was some confusion among people as to who was going to file," said Salt Lake County sheriff's deputy Shane Manwaring.

Lance was booked into jail July 15 after a Salt Lake Metro Gang Unit detective spotted him in a stolen car. Police said he led officers on a chase where he rammed a police car, ending when he was bitten by a police dog before being taken into custody. Lance had numerous warrants for his arrest, authorities said.

Lance was released when the jail couldn't legally hold him any longer without formal charges. Manwaring said each agency involved in the chase thought the other was filing the paperwork, and neither did.

The Salt Lake District Attorney's Office filed formal charges Friday, and an arrest warrant was issued for Lance. Whether Lance would be around to be arrested again, remains to be seen.

"They're confident that they've got some leads on where he's at," Manwaring said.

This is the second mistaken release that Salt Lake County authorities have had to deal with recently. In November, Robert Douglas Preece, 43, was released from jail when Salt Lake District Attorney Lohra Miller's office failed to file criminal charges against him.

Preece, a convicted killer who was wanted for a crime spree that included business robberies, a carjacking and a chase, was ultimately rearrested in Oregon. Federal prosecutors then indicted him, and he pleaded guilty last week to charges.

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