AMERICAN FORK — A plea agreement has been reached in the case of Alan Cunningham, the American Fork veterinarian who faced several charges because of animals he keeps on his property, attorneys said Tuesday.

Cunningham had been scheduled to appear in court, where attorneys for both sides announced that they had reached a plea agreement after several continuances.

"Mr. Cunningham pleaded guilty to a zoning ordinance violation, a failure to license dog charge and a nuisance charge. The rest of the charges were dropped," Cunningham's attorney, Ronald Goodman, said.

Cunningham, a vet for 18 years, has opened up his home to many animals that have no place to go. In May, he had 14 cats, six dogs, two geese, 15 chickens, two peacocks, a duck and a wild turkey living in his backyard.

Goodman said that the agreement would require Cunningham to be in compliance with all the zoning regulations, which determine how many, and what type of animals are allowed on his property.

Goodman said that Cunningham was happy to put the issues behind him.