Here they come to save the day!

Mayors and city councils on the east and west side of Jordan School District are working on a plan to resolve the contentious issues of the district's recent split.

The plan could be revealed on Monday to the Jordan District's east and west transition teams, said Cottonwood Heights Mayor Kelvyn Cullimore.

"We feel it's time to get past the inflammatory rhetoric and the adversarial nature of the current discussions and move on to the more productive business of getting both districts off the ground," Cullimore said.

Steve Newton, chairman of the east-side transition team, already knows some of what is in the plan. And he believes the east side won't like it.

"I'm not sure we are going to be happy with it. We'll see," Newton said, adding the plan is confidential right now.

West-side transition team chairman Ralph Haws was unavailable for comment Thursday night.

Cullimore said he doubts either side will be thrilled with the plan since the proposal doesn't favor either side.

"There are drawbacks for both," he said.

The 10 cities involved in the Jordan District split include Cottonwood Heights, Sandy, Midvale, Draper and Alta on the east and South Jordan, West Jordan, Bluffdale, Riverton and Herriman on the west.

Many of the mayors and city council members have given the plan their blessing. Others have yet to officially weigh in on the matter, Cullimore said.

If the district transition teams can't reach an agreement regarding splitting Jordan's assets and liabilities, the two teams are to choose an arbitrator by Sept. 1. The two arbitrators are then to select a third arbitrator by Sept. 15.

One goal of the mayors' plan is to avoid arbitration.

"The potential for this to drag on through arbitration for many months and heighten the divisiveness is something we are very concerned about," Cullimore said.

The original Jordan District is footing the bill for legal costs and arbitration.

The east and west transition teams are to produce reports outlining their positions on the splitting of Jordan District's assets and liabilities. The reports, by law, were due at the end of the day on Thursday.

The documents are to be sent for review to the west-Jordan district board, the east-Jordan district board and the original Jordan School District board.

The east transition team unanimously approved its 25-page report Thursday evening. It was sent electronically to board members Thursday night. The west transition team approved its eight-page report Wednesday evening and it was delivered electronically to board members Thursday morning. Plans are to post the reports on the Jordan District Web site this morning:

The east transition team report includes a safety net that allows the two teams to come up with a plan and use it even after arbitrators have been selected, according to Newton.

Peggy Jo Kennett, president of the west school board, said she had read the west transition team's report Thursday but would not reveal details until it is made public this morning.

"People will find it interesting reading," Kennett said. "It's an accurate portrayal of what the west team is doing. It will bring everyone up to date on what is happening."

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