GENOLA — Small though this town may be, it's drawn the attention of the Utah Attorney General's Civil Review Committee, which is looking into complaints accusing town officials of having conflicts of interest.

"I welcome the attorney general to look into anything going on down here," Genola Councilman Chris Greenwood said. "I welcome people in authority who can see clearly on this."

In recent months, Mayor Eric Hazelet has received two formal complaints. One, from Genola resident Emily Clinger, accuses Councilman Bryan Draper of having a conflict of interest when he voted on a contested subdivision. The second complaint comes from an individual who did not give his or her name but signed it as "a concerned citizen" and said he or she thinks Greenwood engages in deceitful practices because he received a public reprimand from the Utah Bar Association earlier this year.

Hazelet said he forwarded the complaints to the attorney general to "be on the safe side."

"Anything with this seriousness, we take a look at," he said. He declined to comment further.

Attorney General's Office spokesman Paul Murphy confirmed the office had received the complaints. "Right now they're deciding whether or not there is enough evidence to warrant an investigation," he said.

Draper did not return a request for comment Thursday, but his lawyer has said he did not think he needed to disclose his interest in the subdivision.

Some residents in the community, as well as Greenwood, raised concerns earlier this year about the Genola Meadows subdivision, a joint project between the town and Planning Commission Chairman Marty Larson. Of particular concern was that Draper held three trust deeds on lots in the development when he voted to lift a temporary injunction on the subdivision.

Greenwood has adamantly opposed the project and thinks he's become the target of backlash. Last month, 11 trees surrounding his house were cut down during the night, and now the lawn is dying. Police suspect someone poisoned the lawn.

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