PROVO — A mother who kidnapped her daughter days before her wedding will not have her sentence reviewed by a judge because prosecutors worry she might fail therapy.

"There is no evidence that (Julia Redd) has, to date, failed in any obligation imposed by this court at the state's recommendation," 4th District Court Judge James Taylor ruled Wednesday. "The court respectfully declines to review an order of sentence merely because (Redd) might, in the future, fail to comply." Julia Redd, 58, and her husband Lemuel Redd, pleaded guilty in November to custodial interference for dragging 21-year-old Julianna Redd Myers to Grand Junction, Colo., on Aug. 4, 2006, rather than taking her to a pre-wedding dinner party.

As part of the sentence, Redd was to complete mental-health therapy and marital counseling with her husband.

Prosecutor Curtis Larson filed a request in July, saying he was concerned that Redd would not be able to complete the required mental-health therapy, due to her dealing with "Narcissistic Personality Disorder," according to a review by Dr. C.Y. Roby.

In a report, Roby wrote that due to this disorder, Redd "would find it difficult to engage positively in treatment."

"The wishes the court to reconsider the sentence and impose jail, not because the defendant has failed to comply with the order, but because, according to Dr. Roby, she will eventually fail to comply."

However, Larson said he felt it was a bit presumptuous of Taylor to assume that he wanted jail time. Larson said he only had indicated that he wanted the court to review the sentence.

"I find it very interesting that the court would...simply make a determination without hearing any type of evidence from Dr. Roby concerning the circumstance," Larson said.

Multiple messages left with Redd's defense attorney were not immediately returned Thursday.

Treatment and a fine were the only punishments imposed for the class A misdemeanor, with no jail sentence. If Redd were to violate and actually fail to complete therapy, Larson said he could request an order to show cause and the judge could consider other sentencing options.

After the Redds and their daughter spent the night at a pre-booked hotel in Colorado, they traveled back to Utah the next day.

Days later, Myers married Perry Myers. The couple now has two little girls.

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