A man who police say lured a maid into his hotel room, locked the door and then tried to strangle her with a towel faces attempted murder and kidnapping charges.

The 32-year-old man didn't question the attempted murder charge. But kidnapping is another thing.

"Kidnapping? How was it kidnapping? I understand the homicide, but I didn't kidnap anyone. How did I kidnap her?" the man told police, according to charging documents filed in 3rd District Court on Monday.

The chatty suspect then allegedly admitted, "I don't know why I did it. The cleaning lady was there in the hotel room, and I lost it. Is she dead? Is she dead? Is she dead?"

Police said the West Valley man was a guest at the Crystal Inn at 2254 W. City Center Court and requested housekeeping service. When the maid entered the room, the 32-year-old man locked the door. Police said he then attacked her from behind using a hand towel to strangle her.

The woman was unconscious for about 40 minutes, according to charging documents.