Every year, I get a bunch of e-mails about the latest golf gadgets.

They usually aren't about the newest drivers or putters or balls, but they're a bit offbeat, something you've never thought about, but just might buy because it's there.

There's Samnic, advertised as the perfect gift for the golfer who has everything. It's the world's first and only motorized golf-spike cleaner. A motorized golf-spike cleaner? I guess someone might find a need for it, but I've always found a golf tee or a couple of fingers works just fine for cleaning golf spikes. Plus, they're a lot cheaper.

The Smart Glove is a golf glove-swing trainer that has a removable wrist guide with specialized fabric for grip positioning. How about Tender's Natrapel, an 8-hour, DEET-free insect repellent that doesn't smell like repellent and "won't melt your grip, sunglasses or other pricey plastics or synthetics" when you play golf.

The two I like best, however, are the Big Daddy Weed Whacker Golf Club and the Segway x-2 Golf personal transporter.

The Big Daddy Weed Whacker loos like an actual golf club, but it's really a weed whacker like you might use to trim around your trees. It has a 42-inch shaft, 7-inch head, and it weighs just 1.35 pounds. It is powered by six AA batteries and fits into any standard golf bag.

It works like this: Suppose you hit your ball into deep rough. You just pull out the Big Daddy, turn it on, hold it above your ball, and before you know it, you've got a manageable shot. At that point, you have to return to your bag to change clubs, because the Big Daddy can't hit your ball our of the rough.

I'm sure you'll find nothing in the rules of golf about weed whackers, but this would obviously be illegal under Rule 13-2, which says a player may not improve the lie of his ball by moving, bending or breaking anything growing or fixed. However, it might make for a good laugh with your regular Saturday foursome.

The Segway x-2 is more serious and within the rules, and it could be coming to a golf course near you soon.

It's one of those two-wheel devices you stand on with handlebars at the top to guide you in any direction you want to go. It looks like a giant version of one of those scooters your kids ride, only this doesn't require balance and is motorized.

The Segway x-2 is different from a regular Segway in that it has a bag stand that carries the bag above the ground and swings down to hold the bag upright on the ground when you come to a stop.

It seems like a great idea for single golfers, who prefer not to walk but don't want to take a cart by themselves.

According to an article in Golfweek Magazine, about a dozen or so courses around the country are using the vehicles.

But who knows, maybe in the next year or so, you'll be riding one here in Utah — with your Big Daddy Weed Whacker in the bag, of course.

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